Kindergarten / Playgroup

veroxybd.comMen's Club - Онлайн Журнал An Awesome Awning is a brilliant way of protecting the young ones from New Zealand’s constantly changing weather. We all know the difficulty in getting kids inside when there is a quick change of weather, it won’t be an...

Primary and Secondary Schools Awesome Awnings has had the privilege of assisting a number of schools over the years. Creating areas children can use and congregate in on a regular basis no matter the weather. Our structures can be used as suitable shelter solutions for assembling the...

Awesome Awnings was started in May 2001 by Alastair and Rosemary Dean who had been involved in permanent weather protection shelters and solutions. They saw a gap in the existing market for a new, innovative product and service. Awesome Awnings are now the specialists in modern day conservatories and pergolas.

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Awesome Awnings Limited

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